The Broad Ripple Farmers Market is moving this summer season to Second Presbyterian Church, located at 7700 N. Meridian Street and will open Saturday, May 1. We are very excited about this new location and the opportunity to partner with our friends at Second Presbyterian! The new space provides a park-like setting as it is surrounded by trees and has plenty of parking for our valued customers.Second Presbyterian

This move is necessary as the location in Glendale Town Center is not available.  The large, mostly unused parking lot located at 6001 N. Rural Street is owned by Lowe’s and they have declined our request to use the parking lot.  The Market managers undertook an extensive search of the immediate neighborhoods and researched many sites, including Broad Ripple High School, Broad Ripple Park, the former Marsh location and many other locations.  All were found to be unavailable or not suitable as a large area is required for the Market itself, as well as sufficient customer parking.

Second Presbyterian Church is located less than two miles from Broad Ripple and it provides a lovely setting for the market.  In addition to a separate section for the Market, there are three parking areas for customers.  The vendors and amenities you are used to finding at the Market will still be found at our new location.

More information will be forthcoming prior to opening day on May 1.  We will provide instructions regarding customer parking and where to enter and exit the Market, as well as our pandemic guidelines this year to keep everyone safe. Sign up on for our weekly Market newsletter on this page.

The Market Long Term Plan

Our long-term goal for the Market is to return to Broad Ripple.  The Master Plan for Broad Ripple Park includes a permanent home for the Market.  We are also hopeful that when the Broad Ripple High School parcel is redeveloped that it may provide a location for the Market.