BRFM Volunteer Tom McCain designed and tested a bike route from Broad Ripple to our current venue for the Farmers Market. He created both a map and a step by step process for our customers to use. Of course if you live north, you can also use this approach from the Monon Trail.

  1. From the Monon Trail, ride west on 64th Street .5 of a mile across College Avenue (with the traffic light) to Riverview Drive.
  2. Left on Riverview Drive .25 of a mile to Meridian Street access drive.
  3. Left on Meridian Street access drive about 500 feet.
  4. Right onto Meridian Street Bridge multi-use path .3 of a mile across White River.
  5. Right on Arden Drive .25 of a mile to Pennsylvania Street.
  6. Left on Pennsylvania Street 1.1 miles to 75th Street.
  7. Left on 75th Street .25 of a mile across Meridian Street (with the traffic light) to Illinois Street.
  8. Right on Illinois Street .25 of a mile to a 10-foot-long grassy “path” on your right through an opening in the bushes. Use the path to enter the upper parking lot of Second Presbyterian Church.
  9. Follow the church drive .3 of a mile counter-clockwise around the church on its south & east sides to the lower, north parking lot.

Click here for a full size printable version of the Safe Bike Route.


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