We sincerely apologize that many of you experienced challenges navigating and finding parking spaces at the market last week. We have been working closely with the church since Saturday to put together a combination of strategies to make things better this week:

  • St. Luke’s Catholic Church, which backs up to Second Presbyterian on the south west side, has agreed to allow BRFM customers to park in their lot and walk through the bike path entry from Illinois street. This adds several hundred parking places for those willing to walk a bit further to and from their parking space. See St. Luke’s parking displayed on the updated map (link below).
  • In addition, Second Presbyterian has worked with us to make 80 additional parking spaces.
  • On recommendation by the IMPD staff providing security at the entrance, ALL exiting traffic from Second Presbyterian MUST turn right(south) onto Meridian. Turning left created significant safety issues. Customers who need to travel north can simply turn right or left at 75th St. and go north from there.
  • We are making an additional vehicle exit lane available from the north parking lot to make it easier to get to the far lots or to leave the market. Because that narrows the pedestrian path, we need to separate pedestrians walking from the market and pedestrians walking to the market from the far lots. Pedestrians leaving the market will use the same path as last week. Pedestrians arriving will use the sidewalk along the church and the parking lot. The new routes will be marked with cones and signs.

Click here for an updated BRFM Parking & Navigation Map.