Updated July 1, 2021

To ensure everyone’s safety, please follow these guidelines while at the Market:

  • MASKS: In concert with Marion County changes to the COVID-19 guidelines, the Market will no longer require customers, vendors, and volunteers to wear masks.   Everyone is welcome to continue to wear a mask as many have done in the past.
  • HOURS:  The Market opens at 8:00 am.  No customers are admitted to the Market prior to opening.  The Market closes at noon.
  • PREORDERS AND PRE-PAY: Many vendors offer online pre-paid preordering.  Our vendor list with ordering information and links to the vendor sites is available here and linked to the newsletter each week for your shopping convenience.
  • DOGS: Well-behaved dogs on short leashes are allowed at the Market during all open hours. Dog owners should consult the Dog Rules.
  • PARKING AT THE MARKET: There are several customer parking lots at Second Presbyterian Church.  The Market is located in the lot at the north-end of the property.  As you drive in from Meridian, you may turn right and drive past the front of the church to the first main parking lot.  The church holds a food pantry on Saturday morning and the first two rows of parking are reserved and blocked off for the food pantry.  Market customers may park anywhere else on the property.  In addition to the main customer parking lot, there is a lot west of the church and one lot south of the church.  Signs will direct you to additional parking.  View the church facility map here.
    • There are many handicapped parking spaces near the church entrances and these are available to ANYONE shopping at the Market.  Handicapped parking for the Market is available next to the Market entrance.

There is also parking available at St. Luke Catholic Church, located at 75th and Illinois.  You may park there and then walk down Illinois Street into the back entrance to Second Pres.

  • BRFM TentENTRANCE/EXIT TO THE MARKET: The entrance and exit to the Market is on the northwest corner of the main parking lot.  Look for the green BRFM tent and the tall green feather flag marking the entrance.  Handicapped parking is located near this marked entrance. You will exit this same way once you have completed your shopping.  Look for the tall red exit flag.  Please do not enter or exit the Market at any other location other than the designated entrance.
  • MARKET LAYOUT: The Market will be laid out with vendors on all four sides.  The Ready-To-Eat vendors are located on the northside of the Market. There is a shelter with picnic tables down a path past these vendors where customers may sit and eat. Look for the Dining Pavilion sign. You will also find our weekly live musical entertainment in this area.
  • SHOPPING & WAITING IN LINE: Green circles have been painted on the pavement to indicate where customers should stand when being helped by a vendor AND to indicate where to stand while waiting to make a purchase. Be mindful of the designated walkway in front of the vendor booths.
  • MOVING AROUND THE MARKET: There is a designated walkway in front of the vendor booths, indicated by double green arrows.  If there is a line for a vendor, the line forms on the other side of the walkway.  Please do not walk through the customer line, and only through the designated WALKWAY.
  • PORTOLETS/HAND WASHING: There are two portolets located in the northeast corner of the market by the entrance to the dining pavilion.  Hand washing is located in the center of the Market next to the trash cans.
  • TRASH CANS: There are trash cans centrally located in the center of the Market next to the Green with Indy tent.  Please separate your trash into the three receptacles: landfill, recycling, and composting.  There are signs to assist you.
  • NO SMOKING: There is no smoking allowed on the church property nor in the Market area.


Updated 7/1/2021 per the City Pandemic Ordinance changes.

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