This Saturday

Summer produce is coming on strong! My Dad’s Sweet Corn joins us this week and sweet corn just screams summer! Pete’s Peaches will be back with plenty of fresh peaches – varieties Desiree and Candor. He says the crop this season is great but the peaches are smaller than usual – even after pruning and thinning the trees twice!

The Northside Food Pantry is closed this Saturday so extra parking will be available for customers!


Vendor Schedules…

All our full time vendors are planning to be with us this week. This is Week 1 for our part-time vendors but two of our regular Week 1 vendors will be out this weekApricot Sun and Russell Sheep Company. Russell Sheep Company will be with us next week, July 10, to make up for it!

See our complete Summer Market Vendor List for regular schedules for all of our full-time and part-time vendors. And check the BRFM Vendor Map to find your favorite vendors here and use the new BRFM QR Code on your phone While at the Market. A sign at the Market Entrance displays the QR code. Don’t know how to use a QR Code? Ask a volunteer!

Market Mask Update…

In concert with the changes the Mayor made on Tuesday to Marion County COVID-19 guidelines, wearing a mask at the Market is now optional from 8 AM to noon. Wearing masks from 8AM to 9 AM is no longer required.

Customers, volunteers and vendors are welcome to continue wearing masks at the Market.



What’s Cooking: Grilling Veggies

It’s an American tradition to get outside in the summer and grill lots of meat for backyard barbecues and holiday cookouts. That being said, don’t forget the veggies! Whether you’re a true carnivore in need of some sides, or a dedicated vegetarian looking to fill up on healthy veggie mains, vegetables on the grill are a great way to satisfy your craving for fire and food. Here are some tips for what veggies to grill, how to prepare them, how long to cook them, and what to top them with – adapted from Foodie Crush.


Musical Guests: Two Starlighters

Enjoy music by Two Starlighters  this Saturday. Childhood friends,  Pat & Eric offer folk rock originals along with standards and 60’s favorites. Our musical guests work for free, so if you like what you hear, please leave a tip and/or purchase a CD.