Parking Alert for July 24!

This Saturday will be the only time this summer when the Market  overlaps with a previously scheduled service at the church. The south parking lot will be unavailable for customer parking after 9:30 AM. But the north and west lots and St. Luke church parking lot will all be available!

New at the Market

If you missed the first cantaloupes of the season last week, be sure to look for them this week! And chanterelles were back last week. Thanks to heavy July rains, they are popping up in woods all over Indiana! Chanterelles are finicky and can’t be farmed, so the ones that come to the Market are foraged by hand! Watch for recipes in next Tuesday’s Newsletter!


Vendor News

Caprini Creamery, Nicey Treat, Field’s Fresh Produce, and Earthly Delights are out this week for family events. And Maplewood Farms is still out. This is Week 4 for our part-time vendors – check our Summer Market Vendor List for part-time vendor schedules and for a complete list of all BRFM vendors.

Remembering Liz Chapman

Liz and Barry Chapman were one of the first vendors at BRFM. After Barry’s death, Liz and her children continued with Earthly Delights. She loved sharing her knowledge of Indiana grown produce with her customers, often bringing unusual and interesting produce to the Market! Each fall she brought homemade soup and pies to the delight of her customers.

In their mother’s honor, her three children and the Earthly Delights market staff will continue to participate in the market for the rest of the season. But they will not be at the Market this Saturday because of Liz’s funeral service. Instead, in their booth space this week will be a donations jar – the family requested that in lieu of flowers that friends and customers could make donations to Boulevard Place Food Pantry. Learn more about Liz here.

Special Guest

Bring your IndyGo transit questions to the Market this Saturday!  The Broad Ripple Village Association will be hosting IndyGo at the Market this week. IndyGo will be bringing information about their Red Line Scavenger Hunt coming up in August. They will also have information about the planned Purple Line and their new fare option MyKey.



Great Greek Green Beans

Look around the Market — lots of green beans plus onions, garlic, potatoes, tomatoes, parsley and dill. What can you make with them that will be absolutely delicious? The answer is Fasolakia! And this would pair beautifully with a nice bit of lamb too. Recipe here.



Mario and Friends

We are very excited to have Mario, Pete and MaryAnne back to play this Saturday! Enjoy classical & jazz guitar, mandolin & banjo, rock blues, bluegrass, folk, and more!!
FYI – all our musicians volunteer for duty at the Market so tips are much appreciated!

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