LAST CHANCE — the Duck Race is this Sunday! Stop by the BRVA booth and get your ducks for a chance to win great prizes. Plus, volunteers are needed to help out with the event. Also, look for Penrod Art Fair, selling discount tickets at the BRVA booth.

BRFM Vendor Map 08/28/21

BRFM Vendor News and Notes

Be sure to visit our vendors located in the center of the Market. Coffee, flowers, composting, and this week, salmon & seafood (next week blade sharpening), can be found there.

  • This is the last week of the season for Bloomer’s Greenhouse. Stop by this Saturday and wish Dean a good off-season and send him home sold out this week.
  • Nicey Treat and Byrne’s Grilled Pizza are back at the Market after being out last Saturday.
  • 3-in-1 Restaurant is out again this week; and Lick Ice Cream and Guacamole and More are both out due to last-minute staffing issues.

For the regular schedules of all our vendors at the Summer Market, see our Summer Vendor List.


Incredible Kombucha

Looking for health-conscious, crafted, unique probiotic and sparkling protein drinks? Check out Circle Bev. Matt Whiteside and Skylar Williams seek out high-quality produce, herbs, teas, and botanicals to make well-rounded flavors for a diversity of palates. They use environmentally friendly practices too — like sustainable ingredients, processes, packaging, and distribution.


Naturally Nutritious

Salma Quaddourah knew if she made high quality cold-pressed juices, not only would she benefit from them, but others would benefit too. Every bottle of 317Juicery juice is made with nearly 2 lbs. of organic produce, mostly vegetables. “Lifestyle changes are easier to stick to if they are easy, and helping others be healthier has always been the mission,” she says.


Tailored to Taste

Maggie Day and Alex Stark, decided to create fun drinks like the ones they might order at a restaurant, but in a bottle for others to easily enjoy at home or on the go. Tailored Toddies mixers are hand bottled with fresh squeezed juices, infused simple syrups, and other unique elements. Each flavor is crafted to create a well-balanced cocktail that anyone can mix by just adding a spirit of choice.


Cider With an Edge

Inspired by the sophistication and variety of the hard ciders they had on a trip to Ireland, Aaron and Andrea Homoya returned home to launch Ash & Elm Cider Co.  They make quality hard ciders, from traditional heirloom apple blends to more modern and esoteric styles, using fresh-pressed juice, all-natural ingredients and real fruit infusions instead of syrups or concentrates.