locally made pet food and treats

Owner: Justin & Lindsey Putt
Location: Nobelsville, IN
Email: lputt@petwants.com
Website: petwants.com/indycentral/


I’m Justin Putt and I own Pet Wants Central Indy with the support of my wife, Lindsey Putt, and our two girls. I launched this business because I believe in living active, healthy lives and because I saw the difference Pet Wants made in our own dogs.

Our Dachshund, Charlie, was overweight and was having trouble running and jumping up on the bed. When we switched him and our terrier, Chloe, to Pet Wants, the transformation was amazing. They both lost weight and their coats got much healthier. When we moved home to Indianapolis, we couldn’t believe there wasn’t a Pet Wants to serve our community, so we decided to launch Pet Wants Indy Central ourselves!

Pet Wants isn’t about having the fanciest labels or the best commercials—it’s about providing pets with fresh, healthy food, treats, chews and other products. We want to be a resource for the community. The world of pet food can be confusing and we want to help you figure out your pets’ individual nutritional needs so we can work together to select products that will help them live their best lives.

Pet Wants Indy Central joined the Market in 2021.

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