Shop with Second Pres on Saturdays!

The Women@Second are selling gently used items outside the church sanctuary every Saturday, 8 am – noon thru October 30th. All proceeds go to the UMOJA partnership to feed and supply school children in Kenya. This week, September 18th, the items for sale will be Holiday Decorations. Look for different themed items each Saturday and shop Second Pres as well as the Market on Saturday mornings this fall.


BRFM Vendor Map 09/18/21

BRFM Vendor News and Notes

Visit our vendors in the center of the Market. Coffee, compost/trash/recycle, handwashing station, and this week, blade sharpening (next week salmon & seafood), can be found there.

  • The Broad Ripple Winter Market will be back at Glendale Town Center starting the first Saturday in November. More details to come.
  • Celebrate National Honey Month!  Buy 1 lb. of honey and get a 2nd lb. half off at Wildflower Ridge Honey. They’ll also have WFRH mugs ($4) and tees ($12) for sale. Stay tuned for more specials each week throughout the month of September.
  • Xchocol’Art and 3-in1 Restaurant are back at the Market after being out last week.
  • This Saturday is Daily Blossom’s last week for the season.
  • Lick Ice Cream and Batch No. 2 are out this week. They’ll be back next Saturday.
  • Guacamole & More, Nicey Treat, and JP Parker are all out for the season.

For the regular schedules of all our vendors at the Summer Market, see our Summer Vendor List. 


Artisan Gluten-Free

Hayley McGinley had a gluten sensitivity, but she LOVED rustic, nutrient dense bread with texture, chew, and rich flavor. She noted that Indianapolis didn’t have an artisan gluten-free bakery, so she decided to fill that need. She set up in a small commercial kitchen, and since Native Bread launched in 2016, it has continued to expand and grow and bring delicious gluten-free breads to the Market.


Bread & Breakfast

Jason Michael Thomas has always had a passion for good food. As a supporter of the sustainable food movement and regenerative agriculture, he sources and forages anything he doesn’t already grow. He is particularly known for his high-hydration long-fermentation sourdough breads, but also makes a great breakfast offering for the market and brings other unique foods and foodie items to his customers.


Dedication to Quality

Cindy Hawkins loves to talk about food. Cindy is the owner and force behind Circle City Sweets, a boulangerie/patisserie. She is not only a baker and pastry chef, but also a teacher (her macaron classes are famous!), and a food competitor (in the World Food Championships with a team of 9 local chefs). She and her staff are dedicated to creating a high-quality hand-made product.


Old World-Methods

Based in downtown Indianapolis, Amelia’s Bakery is on a mission to bring high-quality, old-world bread to the people. At 4 a.m., the bakers are busy preparing hundreds of fresh loaves. The dough ferments longer and at cooler temperatures than commercially yeasted bread, yielding deeper flavor and superior texture. It’s hearth-baked until it reaches perfect caramelization and then comes fresh to the Market.