We will open at 9 am starting this Saturday, due to the later sunrise. We’re open outdoors thru October 30th.

BRFM Vendor Map 10/02/21

Vendor News and Notes

Be sure to visit our vendors located in the center of the Market. Coffee, compost/trash/recycle, handwashing station, and this week, blade sharpening (next week salmon & seafood), can be found there.

  • Information on Riverwalk will be available at the BRVA booth.
  • Artisano’s Oils & Spices is bringing the pepper roaster this week. They’ll be set up in the space next to Byrne’s Grilled Pizza.
  • Byrne’s Grilled Pizza is back after being out last week.
  • Caramel Pumpkin mini pies at Pots & Pans Pie Co. this Saturday!
  • This is the last week of the season for My Dad’s Sweet Corn.
  • Maplewood, Johnnie Raber, Tailored Toddies, and Corea Kimchi are out this week.
  • La Chinita Poblana, ARPO (Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership), and Walking Waffles are out for the season.
  • The Broad Ripple Winter Market will be back at Glendale Town Center starting in November. More details to come.

For the regular schedules of all our vendors at the Summer Market, see our Summer Vendor List.

The Market is full of beautiful colorful peppers, both sweet and hot varieties. Here are a couple of tasty recipes that make a great accompaniment to anything from bread to meat and more. They’re just the added bit of zest you need to pep up your dinner plate this fall!  Recipe here.

MUSICAL GUEST: Proctor & Strunk
Mark Proctor and Kevin Strunk play a wide variety of folk, bluegrass, country and light rock covers and originals on guitar and mandolin. They’re always a hit at the Market. FYI – all our musicians volunteer for the Market, so tips are much appreciated!

Shop with Second Pres on Saturdays!
The Women@Second are selling gently used items outside the church sanctuary every Saturday, 8 am – noon thru October 30th. All proceeds go to the UMOJA partnership to feed and supply school children in Kenya. This week, October 2, the items for sale will be Kitchen & Home Accessories. Look for different themed items each Saturday and shop Second Pres as well as the Market on Saturday mornings this fall.


Family Farming

Phelps Family Farm brings free-range pastured pork, beef, chicken, and eggs to the Market. Joe, wife Vonda, and children Shelby & Little Joe work the family farm. The Holstein cattle graze, but are not 100% grass fed, getting a little grain grown on the farm. The hogs are a Yorkshire-Hampshire cross, known for good meat. Their Golden Comet hens lay eggs which are gathered daily. The Phelps family use no antibiotics or hormones in any of their animals.

Lean Healthy Bison

The 225-acre Red Frazier Bison ranch is operated by a group of friends (Jennifer, Marc, & Zach) with a passion for nature, hard work, and quality North American bison. America’s original red meat, bison is lean, tender, high in iron & protein, and low in fat & cholesterol. The bison are free of growth hormones and steroids as well. The 2nd Saturday of each month, they are at the Market with filets, steaks, ground bison, brisket, and a variety of roasts and other cuts.

High Quality Lamb

Russell Sheep Co. strives to offer a delicious, nutritious lamb product. Customer satisfaction is important to Diane and Paul Russell. The feed and forage given to their Suffolk lambs is of the best quality available. The flock benefits from carefully-managed pastures and well-maintained facilities. Diane grew up obsessed with sheep and she loves meeting people and talking lamb and sheep-showing at the Market every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.

Natural Methods

Mandy Cline of Schacht Farm, with son Abe, raises free-range chickens for eggs and meat, pastured hogs, and grass-fed and -finished cattle in south-central Indiana. Both the land and the animals are managed naturally, without chemicals of any kind. Mandy’s animals live outdoors in their natural environment, where they are free to express their species-specific behaviors. Mandy believes this makes for happy healthy animals, and for happy healthy customers.