A message from the Winter Market Team
Those of you who braved the Monumental Marathon traffic last week to shop the Market learned that the layout inside Macy’s is a little different from last year. You can see it on the linked map but it’s not the same as seeing it in person. Last year when you entered the Market the traffic flowed to the right and past most of the participating vendors. This year, much of that area is blocked off and except for Full Hand Farm, all of the vendors are set up to the left and far back into the Macy’s space – space that we were not able to use last year! We are working on a better set up for vendors and hope to that that ready to roll out soon. But until then, please be sure to check out all the vendors (including the new ones) in the “Back 40.”

BRFM Winter Vendor Highlights

Fun with Fall Fennel

Fennel is not well-known to most American home cooks. One of its assets is that it lends itself to fall flavors. Here it makes a great side dish that takes potatoes to a new level; and gets paired with crisp apples and chicken for a complete hot meal. Have some fun with fall fennel!  Check out the recipe.


This is Garry Wasson‘s first time at the Market brining his mix of Classic Country, Rock & Americana, by artists such as Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, the Rolling Stones, plus songs from bands he’s played with like Sindacato, The Spud Puppies, and the Auburns. Our musical guests work for free, so if you like what you hear, please leave a tip and/or purchase a CD.

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