European Style Charcuterie Meats from Local Pork & Beef

Owner: Troy & Wendee Reed
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Phone: 317-646-6504


Meet the Makers

Pig’s Tale Charcuterie offers a fine selection of hard salami, summer sausage and snack sticks. Periodically they will have deli style meats and their ‘Nduja spreadable salami as well. And check out their custom charcuterie boards. Charcuterie Boards are perfect for any occasion when you are trying to impress, whether it is a corporate event or a family gathering.

The charcuterie from Pigs Tale is crafted by hand in Indiana. They work hard with farmers to craft the best in the Midwest — preserving the old world tradition, and telling their tale in every bite. They use only natural ingredients such as sea salt, red wine and freshly ground whole spices. Their unique flavor comes in the slow fermentation process giving the product an even greater tale.

Wendee and Troy joined the market in March 2022.


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