Assorted Goat Cheeses

Owner: Beth Boesche-Taylor and David Taylor
Location: Henryville, IN
Phone: 812-704-4465


Sirocco Ridge Farmstead Creamery offers a variety of goat cheeses sustainably made from Lamancha and Lamancha Nubian crossed goats. Their herd is fed high quality feed and has access to hay, pasture and they forage 12 hours a day.

The cheeses are made from milk sustainably produced by Lamancha (and Lamancha crossed with Nubian) dairy goats in Southern Indiana.  These goats are fed high quality feed, alfalfa and free choice Timothy – Orchard grass hay, as well as having access to pasture and forage at least 12 hours a day.  This produces milk that is creamy and tastes of toasted grains and green grass, with no undesirable off flavors.  Along with a high fat and protein content it is ideal for making cheese.

The Big Softy, their signature cheese, was developed as a soft cheese that is créme fraiche-like with a smooth texture and rich flavor.

They also offer a mild and creamy feta-style cheese that is equally great on cheese boards as it is crumbled on a Mediterranean dish, and a soft chevre perfect for spreading on baked goods, adding to recipes, and eating. More cheeses are in design, too!

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