Change in Mask Policy for Vendors and Volunteers at the Winter Market

Beginning this Saturday March 12 BRFM vendors and volunteers will no longer be required to wear masks during the Market. Wearing masks during the Market will now be optional for customers, vendors and volunteers.

 BRFM Winter Vendor Highlights for this Week

Irish Inspiration

With the luck o’ the Irish, we stumbled upon this low-carb treasure of a recipe for St. Patrick’s Day. Forget the corned beef and opt instead for your favorite sausages simmered in Irish beer and wrapped in cabbage leaves (with sauerkraut)! Check out the recipe!


Sam Carpenter

Sam Carpenter does some current pop as well as older music, and of course the Beatles. He also does folk and country and occasionally, throws in an original song. Come listen to him sing and play while you shop this Saturday! FYI – all our musicians volunteer for the Market, so tips are much appreciated!

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