Kristy Kikly and Mike Hoopengardner from Caprini Creamery are retiring from the goat cheese business. But while are very sad to see them go, we are happy that they introduced us to the goat cheese makers at Sirocco Ridge Farm. Read more here!

BRFM Winter Vendor Highlights for this Week

Amish Country Dairy

Norman Mullett Farm is bringing us something new from northern Indiana. Cream-Top Whole Milk is available both plain, strawberry, and chocolate. Cream Top Milk is pasteurized but not homogenized so the cream floats to the top. Learn more about it at Amish Country Dairy.

Tasty Timely Turnips

A tour of the Market last Saturday showed lots of late season root veggies and early greens – just what you might expect as we head into Spring.  This simple seasonal recipe makes use of the many turnips available now as well as greens and red potatoes. It would make a perfect accompaniment to a whole roasted chicken for a delightful spring-time Sunday supper. Check out the recipe!



Proctor & Strunk

Kevin Strunk and Mark Proctor play a wide variety of folk, bluegrass, country and light rock covers and originals on guitar and mandolin. They’re always a hit at the Market. Come listen to them sing and play while you shop this Saturday!

FYI – all our musicians volunteer for the Market, so tips are much appreciated!

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