David, Beth and Nutty Butter from Sirocco Ridge – photo by Kathy Edwards

Sirocco Ridge Farm

Please join us this week to meet the owners of Sirocco Ridge Farm. Beth Boesche-Taylor and David Taylor and their farm team will be with us to introduce you to their new “Legacy style” goat cheeses. Beth and David were already making goat cheese but now they are working closely with Caprini Creamery team Kristy Kikly and Mike Hoopengardner (now retired from cheesemaking) to bring us their version of Caprini’s award-winning feta and fresh chevre!  To make this Saturday extra special, Kristy and Mike are joining the Sirocco Ridge Farm team for their first BRFM Market!

BRFM Winter Vendor Highlights for this Week

Antidote to Winter

Looking at the forecast, you can see that winter isn’t quite ready to relinquish its grip. With freezing temps and snow on the way, a warm salad full of healthy fruit and veg, finished with tasty toppings, is just the thing to grace your table and perk up your taste buds. With a salad this satisfying, you might not mind waiting just a little longer for spring weather to arrive and stay. Check out the recipe!


RobertBruceScottFarmersMarketRobert Bruce Scott

Enjoy music by Robert Bruce Scott this Saturday. Robert is a classically trained tenor and self-trained mandolinist, guitarist, keyboardist, and harper with an eclectic repertoire of songs.

Come listen to him sing and play while you shop this Saturday!

FYI – all our musicians volunteer for the Market, so tips are much appreciated!

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