BRFM Winter Vendor Highlights for this Week

Filigree Bakery

Filigree Bakery is a local boutique bakery specializing in French macarons, modern cakes, and cookies. Be sure to check out owner and food artist Laura’s beautiful Easter macarons and cakes this Saturday!

We occasionally bring pop-up vendors to get customer feedback. Let us know what you think!

The Ramp Rites of Spring

The annual & fleeting appearance of wild ramps at the Market is reason for celebration. We saw them this past Saturday and will see them this coming week, but then — who knows. Botanically, ramps are a type of foraged wild leek, but leeks are mild while ramps are uniquely pungent and flavorful. They are a burst of zing in dishes that shout “Spring is here!”  Check out the recipes!



Dukes of Django

Drawing on swing music styles of Duke Ellington, Django Reinhardt and other musical greats, the Dukes of Django (Mario Joven and friends) play rousing, up-tempo swing. Come listen to them play while you shop this Saturday! Or sit and enjoy!

FYI – all our musicians volunteer for the Market, so tips are much appreciated!

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