We are fortunate to have so many loyal BRFM customers. It means a lot at times like these when we need to reach out for customer support and input. We have two requests for help as we begin our 2022 Summer Season. As always, your input is taken seriously and very much appreciated.

Trash and Food Waste at the Market

We all love the ready-to-eat food at the Market, but trash and food waste is substantial. We have tried for several years to reduce waste by separating recyclables and compostables, but the reality is that these are complicated issues. Often recyclables are contaminated and it’s hard to know which containers, napkins, and utensils are compostable. So sadly, much of the trash from the Market ends up in a landfill in spite of our efforts.

This season, to better address our trash and food waste output, all of our ready-to-eat food vendors will serve their food and beverages using only compostable products. Fortunately, these products have evolved and good options are now available. This will eliminate the guesswork for customers deciding how to dispose of trash and food waste. We are also converting to compostable paper towels at the handwashing station.

We expect that 90% of trash will be compostable this season. Recycling will be available for water bottles and aluminum cans, but we expect that to be a small amount. The same is true with landfill trash. As in years past, Green With Indy will be taking our compostable trash to a commercial composter each week – he’ll just have more to haul away now!

We will continue to have composting, recycling and trash containers in the center of the market to help customers know which things go where. If the transition goes well, we will be able to consider a second site within the Market. Our goal is to be responsible with our trash generation and also to make it easier for our customers to assist us. We greatly appreciate your support while we make these changes.

Music at the Market

As many of you know, our musicians graciously agree to perform without payment. Historically customers have been very generous in tipping for their performances. Unfortunately, our new venue creates some distance between the musicians and customers who do not make the trip down to the lower-level dining pavilion. At the same time, customers who are shopping, along with vendors and volunteers, miss out on the music.

So, for the month of May, we will be doing a trial of music both at the pavilion and in the shopping area (near the entrance so as not to compete with music from the pavilion). We will evaluate customer response as well as tips collected in both spots.

Feel free to stop by the BRFM Booth with your thoughts and/or contact me directly at barbara@brfm.org. As always, please let our musicians know how much you appreciate their work.

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