The following is taken from the posts Genesis did on the Full Hand Farm facebook page. Her words are better than any I could come up with to express what the film is about and what the experience was like for her and Eli and their family and staff.

“Popping in to share that More Than Corn, a documentary film from 12 Stars Media that followed us throughout the 2021 season, is a featured Indiana Spotlight Film at this year’s Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis! Wild, right?!

“When I agreed to do this film (without, ahem, the prior consent of my spouse) it wasn’t supposed to be about just our farm. We were supposed to be one piece of a larger story of food and farming in Indiana. As the filmmaker’s focus narrowed, I told myself we were still doing it for the posterity, the visceral snapshot of this particular moment in time in our very small world here on the farm. I also told myself we were doing it to make what we do here more visible, more tangible for those who might want to do it themselves one day too.

“We accomplished the first, and the jury is still out on the second, but what I didn’t anticipate was the way the drone shots of the farm through the seasons would make my heart race each time I see them. The feeling of seeing, from altitude, the sum of the parts of tens of millions of decisions, trials, errors and successes of the last 13 years is indescribable. Farming in this way, in this community, with both the people featured in this film and all the years prior, is an incredible privilege. Even if it does make me cry every single August.

“More Than Corn (season one) was filmed over the course of a particularly arduous season for us, and I was nervous about how much of that would come through. Believe me when I tell you that the story tellers behind this film are masters of their craft though, and included *just* the right amount of strife to keep it real and keep it interesting. They also included so many incredible aerial shots of the farm, capturing each distinct season as they ebb and flow throughout the year. What a gift to have such a time capsule of our life’s work, even if it is hard to listen to myself talk for so many minutes in a row.

“Thanks for being along on this journey with us, in whatever capacity you occupy. If you’ve ever wanted a peek at the farm or a chance for a deeper conversation than the market stall checkout allows for, I hope you’ll find a way to view this film. Ever grateful for the opportunity to work and be in community with so many wonderful and talented humans.”

You can still find the film on Hoodox, an Indiana focused non-fiction film site. A subscription is $10/month or $100/year and allows you to stream and watch all of their content. Watch the trailer.


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