The Market will be CLOSED on December 24.
But we will be OPEN on December 31!

Vendor Highlights for December 3, Week 1

New Winter Vendors and Special Schedules 

  • New Vendor MKONO Farm (wks 1/3) starts this week. Jason and Amanda Hand began farming in Maryland but moved back to their Indiana roots. They pasture-raise the heritage breed KuneKune pigs that produce red-hued and well-marbled meat. They’ll be bringing shoulder, shanks, ground pork, bacon, chorizo sausage, lard soap gift sets, and fruit-based board jams and more.
  • Dirt Bar is back with winter and holiday pots for decorating your entry way!
  • kuacha & me(h) (regular wks 2/4) is joining us off schedule this week and on week 3 bringing Austrian Christmas cookies and Gingerbread.

New Holiday Gift Guide

We tried something new this week and sent out a Special Edition Newsletter/Gift Guide on Wednesday, highlighting special gift options available from vendors at the Market. We also put the same information into a post on our website which we will keep updated as new gift items are reported to us. We’ll publish the link to the updated post in the next two newsletters and indicate which items are new. If you missed the newsletter on Wednesday, check out the post.

Vendors Out this Week

  • All of our regular and part time vendors are with us this week except for Amazing Hazel’s who is on vacation.
  • Maplewood Farms is out this week leading a statewide conference!
  • We just learned that Best Dressed is likely out for the Winter Season because of work being done on her commercial kitchen. We’ll let you know if she is able to come back before May.

See the full list of Winter Vendors and their schedules HERE.
And find your favorite vendors on the weekly VENDOR MAP.

Lights Up!

Construction on Broad Ripple Avenue means that we can’t have a parade this year, but it doesn’t mean we won’t have Santa and lots of fun for kids and families. Santa will be joining us and the Reindeer will be back again this year (see photo)! Choirs will be singing and there will be lots of activities for kids. The finale will be the official lighting of the new Christmas tree planted at the Firehouse!! Get the details here.

Mario Joven and Troy Chester

This Saturday we are pleased to welcome back BRFM favorite Marion Joven bringing with him a special guest, local musician Troy Chester. Like Mario, Troy plays banjo, guitar and sings a little. They are sure to be good so plan to listen for a while!

Our musicians volunteer to perform at the Market,
so tips are much appreciated!

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