Join us on New Year’s Eve Morning! 
  • Be sure to check the Vendor Map this week since it is both a holiday and a 5th Saturday of the month. That means many changes to be aware of.
  • New Vendor Bake Sale Bakery was a big hit last week and if you didn’t get a chance to try his Pecan Croissant or Cherry Pecan Sourdough you have something to look forward to this week!
  • Thanks for your support of Freedom Valley Farm at the last Market – we got them through it and sold everything they sent! Jim and his team are back this week in person.
  • Starting in January, Full Hand Farm is only taking Preorders (like they did last Winter). Sign up for their Preorder email here. But they are on a well-deserved vacation this week, so they will NOT be at the Market this Saturday.
Vendors Off-Schedule and Out this Week

Due to the many changes for this week, we won’t try to list all the changes here! Please check our online Vendor Map which indicates the vendors who will and won’t be at the market this week.

You can always find our complete listing of vendors at our Market on our website.  Look for the list here: Vendor List



Kris Huntley
Enjoy music by Market favorite Kris Huntley this week. Kris always has us moving to his beat! Come listen to him sing and play while you enjoy breakfast at the Market or do your New Year’s shopping!

Our musicians volunteer to perform at the Market, so tips are much appreciated!

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