Vendor Highlights for January 7, Week 1

Vendors Updates

  • All of our produce vendors were hit hard by the sudden, extreme drop in temperature in late December. Hardest hit were the tender greens but protecting harvested and hardier crops required all night vigils to keep stoves burning. Please share your appreciation for the dedication of our produce vendors for having grown their capacity to bring us fresh greens all winter long.
  • Full Hand Farm is taking Preorders only and will be at the Market each week for Preorder Pickup only. Sign up for their Preorder email here.

Vendors Out this Week

  • Most of our regular and part time vendors are with us this week. Find the schedules and weekly status of your favorite vendors on our VENDOR MAP – it’s updated every week!
  • Vendors out this week include Norman Mullett Farm, Home Ec Preserves, Pots & PansTurchetti’s and Native Bread. All will be back with us next week.
Back to Your “Roots” 

With the overindulgence of the holidays behind us, we’re all ready for a refresh; and what could be better than a tasty soup made from hardy root vegetables that survived the recent deep freeze. Chop some winter greens and/or mushrooms to stir in, crumble some bacon or add browned or sliced sausage, or just leave it as it is – hot, healthy, and hearty. Start the new year right by getting back to your “roots”!  Get the recipe

Proctor & Strunk

Kevin Strunk and Mark Proctor  play a wide variety of folk, country, bluegrass, and light rock covers as well as originals on guitar and mandolin. They’re always a big hit. Enjoy their music while you breakfast this Saturday! Our musicians volunteer to perform at the Market,
so tips are much appreciated!

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