Vendor Highlights for February 25, Week 4

Vendor News and Specials

  • Full Hand Farm is out next week – the whole team will be attending the Small Farm Conference in Danville. If you didn’t preorder this week, you might want to pick up a Grower’s Choice bag to tide you over.
  • Beginning next week, we’ll be including a NEW FEATURE in this newsletter. Our volunteers are going to share their favorite Market products as Volunteer Picks (like Staff Picks at Trader Joe’s). Plus, volunteers will be sleuthing to find “Sleepers” – special products that somehow fly under the radar. Stay tuned!

Vendors Out this Week

  • U-Relish, Home Ec Preserves and Johnnie Raber Family Farm are out – all are back on March 4.
  • Corea Kimchi is still out because of a family illness.

Resources to Find your Favorite Vendors

  • See which vendors will be at the Market and where to find them on our weekly VENDOR MAP.
  • See the full list of our Winter Market vendors and their regular schedules on our WINTER VENDOR LIST.
Flavorful Stir-Fry

This recipe was a favorite of my grandmother’s whenever she visited. It’s perfect for this time of year when broccoli and carrots are in season (and mushrooms are plentiful at the Market). The marinated pork is tender and tasty and all the veggies make it light and nutritious. Serve over rice for a complete meal.

Get the recipe 


Aaron Lucas

Aaron Lucas, American Beech Music, is an Indiana singer and songwriter whose obsession with Indie Rock has mellowed over the years into a sort of “Lounge Folk” style. Bands like The Avett Brothers, Fruitbats, and Dawes are some of the influences on his sound.

Our musicians volunteer to perform at the Market,
so tips are much appreciated!

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