Vendor Highlights for March 11, Week 2

Vendor News 

  • Full Hand Farm is back this week with their preorders and Gardener’s Choice bags.
  • Johnnie Raber Family Farm is back this week with a wide variety of greens!!
  • Sirocco Ridge Farm is back after lambing – they’ll have their favorite goat cheese feta, fresh chevre, and their signature Softy.
  • Bake Sale Bakery will be out NEXT week so stock up! PLUS they are bringing several new items this week including a new croissant with collards, white cheddar, and garlic AND a new three seed, whole wheat sourdough!
  • Filigree Bakery is bringing St. Patrick’s Day macarons!
  • Old Major will have bangers this week for your St. Patrick’s Day Bangers ‘n Mash next week.
  •  Turchetti’s will have their Beef Meatballs back this week. Plus, beer brats and hot dogs! Plan ahead – they will be bringing corned beef on 3/18.
  • Jason Michael Thomas‘s new biscuits and gravy had a late start last week due to staffing – but when they were ready, they were very good! If you missed them, give them a try this week.

Vendors Out this Week

  • Corea Kimchi is out this week but will be back full-time on March 25.
  • Green with Indy is out this week – back next week.
  • Hole Pottery is out this week – back in April.

Resources to Find your Favorite Vendors

  • See which vendors will be at the Market and where to find them on our weekly VENDOR MAP.
  • See the full list of our Winter Market vendors and their regular schedules on our WINTER VENDOR LIST.
Irish Eats for St. Paddy’s Day

Who doesn’t love St. Patrick’s Day? With a hint of spring in the air, the March 17th holiday is the perfect excuse to wear green and eat good food inspired by Irish heritage. Coincidentally, these recipes make use of lots of good things you can find at the Market this time of year. Lucky you!  Get the recipe(s) 

Combustible Dust

Combustible Dust (aka Dustin McKinney), is influenced by American folk traditions, Brazilian music, songs from Spain, Eastern Europe, and Louisiana Creole. He is a music teacher as well as a singer and instrumentalist.

Our musicians volunteer to perform at the Market,
so tips are much appreciated!


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