Prayers for David Barrickman

We are sad to report that our long-time honey vendor and friend
David Barrickman of Wildflower Ridge Honey was diagnosed with cancer and is in home hospice care.
To David’s great delight, his grandson Skyler Majors who has been his bee-helper since the age of three, has assumed responsibility for and ownership of the business. Please keep David and his family in your prayers.

David wrote an open letter to his friends and customers – read it here.

Vendor Highlights for April 1, Week 1

Special Pop-up Vendor this Week!

  • The Food Florist was a popular vendor when they were with us several years ago. They moved to New York but are now back. They make yummy ready to bake casseroles and lasagnas.

Other Vendor News

  • Dirt Bar is back this week and next with pots for spring. 
  • Tall Girl Pasta will be taking orders for pasta salad this Saturday for pick-up on April 8.

Vendors Out this Week

  • The Cookie Jar Crew is out this week because of a new grandbaby! Back next week.
  • Home Ec Preserves is still on vacation – back on April 8.
  • Farmer’s Sauce is out this week, back on April 15.
  • Johnnie Raber Family Farm is out for the rest of the Winter season and will be back in May for the start of the Summer season.

Resources to Find your Favorite Vendors

  • See which vendors will be at the Market and where to find them on our weekly VENDOR MAP.
  • See the full list of our Winter Market vendors and their regular schedules on our WINTER VENDOR LIST.
Naturally Sweet

If you’re lucky enough to experience “sugaring” when the trees are tapped in the spring, you know the miracle of nature that is pure maple syrup. Grab some of this local treasure from Maplewood Farms at the Market and indulge in this naturally sweet recipe for your next special occasion.  
Get the recipes 

Proctor & Strunk

Kevin Strunk and Mark Proctor play a wide variety of folk, country, bluegrass, and light rock covers as well as originals on guitar and mandolin. They’re always a big hit. Enjoy their music while you breakfast this Saturday!

Our musicians volunteer to perform at the Market, so tips are much appreciated!

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