Vendor Highlights for April 15, Week 3

Vendor News

  •  Jason Michael Thomas and Tallow will have ramp bundles this week. 
  • New! Bake Sale Bakery will have apple butter almond croissants this week. They are dipped in rum milk and filled with almond cream and home-made apple butter!
  • Apricot Sun is brining back Baba Ghanouj this week to celebrate the upcoming summer season!

Pop-up Vendors this Week

  • Primal Delights is back this week with kombucha, krauts, kvass, and tonics.
  • The Food Florist is back this week with casseroles, enchiladas, and breakfast bakes.

Vendors Out this Week

  • Turchetti’s is out this week for vacation.
  • Amazing Hazel’s is out this week.

Resources to Find your Favorite Vendors

  • See which vendors will be at the Market and where to find them on our weekly VENDOR MAP.
  • See the full list of our Winter Market vendors and their regular schedules on our WINTER VENDOR LIST.
“Ramping” Up Flavor

Spring is sprung and ramps are at the Market! The season is short, so grab them while you can and add their unique wild flavor to all manner of spring dishes with the help of this trio of super simple culinary basics. Get the recipe.

Wild ramps are part of the onion family, (also known as wild leeks or wild onions) Ramps have a sweet, earthy taste that’s similar to both scallions and garlic. 

Kris Huntley

Enjoy music by Market favorite Kris Huntley this week. Kris always has us moving to his beat! Come listen to him sing and play while you enjoy breakfast at the Market or do your spring market shopping!

Our musicians volunteer to perform at the Market,
so tips are much appreciated!

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