We announced last week that this year’s Summer Broad Market will be in a new location: 6001 N Rural St.  We are still in the process of finalizing a lease agreement with Lowe’s Corporate. See the new location on this Google map. If you missed last week’s announcement and would like to learn more, check out last week’s newsletter content here.

In preparation for the first Summer Market we will be sending out two newsletters next week. The one on Tuesday will contain information on Market Policies, e.g., Weather Policy, Dog Policy, SNAP/Fresh Bucks, Waste Managment, etc. The one on Friday will focus on new, returning, and retiring vendors, and on the Annual DNR Tree Giveaway.

Watch for next week’s newsletters for the new vendor map, updated vendor list, and important reminders for the opening of the Summer Market!

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Vendor Highlights for April 29, Week 5

Vendor News

  • This is a 5th Saturday, so our part time vendors have the option of participating. This Saturday we’ll have Apricot Sun, Better Edges, Filigree Bakery, Lick Ice Cream, Metta Gardens, MKONO Farm, and Small Batch Soups.
  • Jason Michael Thomas surprised us with morel mushrooms (and morel mushroom butter) last week! And he plans to bring them again this week!!
  • Filigree Bakery is back this week with her timely and clever teacher and nurse appreciation macarons! (See photo above.) Not quite ready to give them? No problem, macarons freeze beautifully!

Pop-up Vendors

  • The Food Florist is back this week with casseroles, enchiladas, and breakfast bakes.

Vendors Out this Week

  • Eat Surreal and Full Hand Farm are out this week.

Resources to Find your Favorite Vendors

  • See which vendors will be at the Market and where to find them on our weekly VENDOR MAP.
  • See the full list of our Winter Market vendors and their regular schedules on our WINTER VENDOR LIST.
Marvelous Morels

Foraging for morel mushrooms is kind of magic and marvelous. Finding them at the Market is also pretty special. On the rare occasion when you can get your hands on these earthy gems, it’s a shame to cover them with breading and fry them. Just sauteing in butter with a pinch of salt allows their flavor to shine. Or, how about a luscious sauce to ladle over succulent pork chops? Now that’s worthy of one of nature’s marvels. Get the recipe.

Nick Ivanovich

It’s always good to have the popular Nick Ivanovich at the Market with his traditional Ukrainian folk music-influenced songs full of alluring minor modes and sweet melodies. Come listen to him play while you shop this Saturday!  Our musicians volunteer to perform at the Market, so tips are much appreciated!

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