Vendor Highlights for February 3, Week 1

Vendors News and Specials

  • Congratulations to Xchocol’Art who won a bronze medal at the Academy of Chocolate in London!
  • Apricot Sun is introducing a new product this week – Garlic Zataar Spread! And check out their colorful new labels!
  • Filigree Bakery is bringing more personal-sized heart shaped Valentine cakes this week.
  • 4 Birds Bakery is bringing pretzel dogs, ramp with cheddar scones, gluten-free coffee cake, and a new flavor of pizza this week!
  • Wild Sage Tea Co. is bringing several valentine gift packages this week: tins of Soothe, Gut Feeling and Liver Hug teas with a ball steeperSoothe tea for inflammation (contains rose petals reduction) with a “bear” of Eagle Creek Apiary rose honey; and Stress Reduction tea and herbal bath salt set.

Vendors out this week

  • Agua Blanca is out again this week because of the cold weather.
  • Sirocco Ridge Farm is out until early March.
  • Bake Sale Bakery is out until mid-April.

To find vendor locations at the Market, check the newsletter Vendor Map each week or scan the Vendor Map QR Code at the entrance to the Market. Click here to see the complete list of our Winter Market vendors. The Vendor Map and Vendor list are also available on our website.  

Remember to bring CASH in order to purchase from the few vendors who don’t take credit cards (Norman Mullet Farm and Phelps Family Farm).

Lost & Found items are turned in to the BRFM Information Tent – be sure to check there if you’ve lost something (water bottles, wallets, kids’ stuff) at the Market.

Check out the NEW Recipe Section on the BRFM website. Find it listed in Farmers Market drop down menu and in information about the Winter and Summer Markets. Easy to search for recipes by ingredient or type!

Home-made Sauerkraut

Making sauerkraut is both simple and hands-off. In this recipe, shredded cabbage is mixed with kosher salt and stored in a ventilated jar. In a week’s time, naturally occurring bacteria on the leaves convert the cabbage’s sugars into lactic acid, which gives sauerkraut its distinct sour flavor.

Combustible Dust 

Combustible Dust, (aka Dustin McKinney), is influenced by American folk traditions, Brazilian music, songs from Spain, Eastern Europe, and Louisiana Creole. He is a music teacher as well as a singer and instrumentalist.  Our musicians volunteer to perform at the Market, so tips are much appreciated!

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