Highlights for July 6 – Week 1

Farm Dinner

  • Just a few tickets left for our 2024 Farm Dinner at Weathered Plow Farm & Greenhouses next Saturday! Enjoy a fun menu from Gomez BBQ, benerages from Alcomy, and dessert from J’adore!  See the menu and purchase tickets here.

Vendor News 

  • Sweet corn, peaches, blackberries, green beans, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, fennel, fresh garlic, onions and more!
  • Eat Surreal has created yet another ingenious vegan spread – Carrot Lox! Use it like smoked salmon lox by topping your base of choice (crackers, crostini, baguettes) with her Amazeball Spread, then putting the Carrot Lox on top! Yum!
  • Xchocol’art is bringing patriotic chocolates Saturday and their famous chocolate dipped dried figs!!
  • Niche Nourishment will have 3 kinds of muffins, blueberry cobbler, and her honey garlic chicken with broccoli this week – all gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined-sugar-free!

Vendor Schedules 

  • Watch Us Farm is out this Saturday.
  • We have been lucky to get Pete’s Peaches the past few weeks, but unfortunately they will be out this Saturday because of staffing. Fingers crossed for next week.
  • Maplewood Farms switches to part-time (weeks 2/4) starting this month so they will not be with us this Saturday.

To find vendor locations at the Market, check the newsletter Vendor Map each week or scan the Vendor Map QR Code at the entrance to the Market. Click here to see the complete list of our Summer Market vendors. The Vendor Map and Vendor list are also available on our website.

Remember to bring CASH in order to purchase from the few vendors who don’t take credit cards (Norman Mullet Farm, Johnnie Raber Family Farm, and Phelps Family Farm).

Lost & Found items are turned in to the BRFM Information booth – be sure to check there if you’ve lost something (water bottles, wallets, kids’ stuff) at the Market.

Borscht with Buttermilk and grated CucumbersBeets are often thought of as a fall/winter root vegetable. But lucky for us they are also harvested in spring/early summer! Add in now readily available cucumbers and you have the ingredients for a refreshing cold summer soup like this one!  Get the recipe. 


North – JBJ Collective

The JBJ Collective is a music group managed and led by brothers JaSaun and Jaydon Johnson, who play an eclectic mix of jazz, funk, and R&B music from the past and present to keep people moving and grooving.

South – Nautilus

Nautilus is a fusion rock band that specializes in jamming/funk. They play everything from classic rock to bluegrass to jazz. Come and groove along with them while you dine and shop this Saturday.

Our musicians volunteer to perform at the Market, so tips are much appreciated!
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