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  • fennel bulbs

Food Focus: Three for Thanksgiving

What is Thanksgiving after all, but a celebration of the harvest? Here are three celebratory side dishes that make us truly thankful for our amazing farmers at the Market. Multipurpose Shaved-Vegetable Salad recipe by Andy [...]

  • pile of delicata squash

Food Focus: A Very Veggie Thanksgiving

More and more of us are going to meatless Mondays and vegetarian every days, but what on earth can you do when “Turkey Day” rolls around? The answer is, “get creative”. With so much beautiful [...]

  • parsnips

Food Focus: Sensational Thanksgiving Sides!

Whether you’re a bona-fide turkophile, a vegetarian, or a contrarian, Thanksgiving is all about the sides! This is where seasonal local produce gets the chance to shine!  Sheet Pan Roasted Vegetables from Cooking Light Ingredients: [...]

  • fresh rosemary plant

Focus On: Thanksgiving Outside the Box

I promised you a "not your Mama's Thanksgiving dinner," and that requires thinking outside the proverbial box. Thanksgiving does not have to be turkey and stuffing, when we have so many other wonderful fresh, chemical-free [...]

  • bundles of Swiss Chard

Focus On: A Vegetarian Thanksgiving

With all the fresh produce at the Market, a vegetarian Thanksgiving is easy as pie! You won't miss the turkey at all when you are feasting on rich and savory dishes like Butternut Squash Risotto, [...]

  • basket of butternut squash

Focus On: A Traditional Thanksgiving

It is time to start planning for Thanksgiving dinner and to stock up on a cornucopia of delicious foods from the Market. Today we focus on the classic American feast. When all is said and [...]

Food Focus: Turkey’s Best Buds!

If you haven’t started planning the Thanksgiving feast, now is the time! Just two more Markets before the big day, so you need to make your shopping list! You've probably ordered your turkey from Schacht [...]

What’s Cooking: Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving coming up next week, I've been thinking about all of the things we have to be thankful for. We're so thankful for all our wonderful vendors who work so hard to bring fresh [...]

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