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  • bunch of beets in basket

Meals from the Market: Bountiful Beets

We have lots of beets at the Market right now. They’re not only in season, they’re also incredibly nutritious and they taste great too! Look for deep burgundy, ruby red, golden, and Chiogga (striped) beets [...]

Food Focus: Beet This!

Root vegetables are among the fresh local items available this time of the year; and beets are a particularly beautiful and healthful root to use in your cooking. Their vibrant jewel-like color(s), sweet taste, and [...]

  • Beets Broad Ripple Farmers Market

Focus On: Beautiful Beets

The most daunting thing for me about fresh beets from the Market was how to tackle them. There were all those leaves and the strange little root- like things trailing off of them. But it [...]

  • Honey Jar

Food Focus: Journey on the Spice Road

Another of the 2018 food trends I have been reading about is the use of North African/Moroccan spices. Think of cumin, coriander, cinnamon, saffron, and paprika. Also think tender slow-cooked meat, hearty vegetables, bright fresh [...]

  • fennel bulbs

Food Focus: Three for Thanksgiving

What is Thanksgiving after all, but a celebration of the harvest? Here are three celebratory side dishes that make us truly thankful for our amazing farmers at the Market. Multipurpose Shaved-Vegetable Salad recipe by Andy [...]

  • parsnips

Food Focus: Sensational Thanksgiving Sides!

Whether you’re a bona-fide turkophile, a vegetarian, or a contrarian, Thanksgiving is all about the sides! This is where seasonal local produce gets the chance to shine!  Sheet Pan Roasted Vegetables from Cooking Light Ingredients: [...]

Food Focus: Revisiting Radishes!

The radishes are back for their annual autumn encore. For fall, there is a whole new repertoire of flavors to enjoy with radishes. Think heartier salads and stews and pairings with other root vegetables! Here, [...]

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