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Food Focus: Radical Radish Recipes!

Well, maybe they aren't really radical, but I did try to find some out of the ordinary recipes for using the radishes that are so abundant right now at the Market. I think the crisp [...]

Traditional Irish Bacon, Cabbage & Parsley Sauce

Irish bacon with cabbage is the original St. Patrick's Day dish. This version, which includes a mouthwatering parsley sauce, is from "Forgotten Skills of Cooking" by Darina Allen. Ingredients: 4 pounds Irish boiling bacon (cured ham, [...]

BRFM This Saturday March 20

Jim Baughman, Freedom Valley Farm FREEDOM VALLEY FARM This year, Freedom Valley Farm was one of 6 farms featured at the Purdue Small Farm Conference 2021. The conference was virtual this year as was [...]

What’s Cooking: Very Merry Meatballs

The holidays are a great time to celebrate with food, and meatballs are a celebratory dish in many cultures around the world. We’ll be making the Italian version for our traditional Christmas dinner, but some [...]

Meals from the Market: Adding Apples

Apples have traditionally been one of the foods carefully stored and used throughout the winter months to add fresh healthy flavor to cold-weather dishes. This recipe uses healthy cabbage and fresh sausage to make a [...]

Meals from the Market: Zoodling Around

Have you acquired a spiralizer yet and made “zoodles”? What a great way to use abundant zucchini in the summer months! And what a flavorful cold salad for a hot summer day! Spicy Asian Zoodle [...]

Food Focus: Bad-A## Brussels Sprouts!

The Brussels sprouts have arrived at the Market and savvy shoppers are snapping them up as fast as the vendors can put them out. They’re fresh, local, seasonal, and healthy! Like miniature cabbage cousins, these [...]

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