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  • beautiful head of cauliflower

Food Focus: Cauliflower Calling

Cauliflower steaks were all the rage a year or so ago, and cauliflower “rice” is the hottest gluten-free trend going. It turns out that cauliflower is amazingly versatile. Roasting and “Buffalo” cauliflower are two of [...]

  • white and purple cauliflower heads

Food Focus: Crazy About Cauliflower

As well as being the new "it" vegetable, cauliflower has always been known, along with other cruciferous vegetables, for its nutritional value and low calories. No wonder it is a hot trend! And a popular [...]

This Saturday, Sept. 19

Big changes to the Vendor Map this week! We are shifting our Ready-to-Eat food vendors to the north end and moving the dining area to the west side so that they are close to each [...]

  • pile of rutabagas with green stems cut short

Meals from the Market: Rock the Rutabagas

Did you know you can use rutabagas the same way you use potatoes? Mashed, roasted, scalloped, even spiralized and fries! Here’s one of my favorite uses for rutabagas – a flavorful meat pie that’s hot and hearty [...]

Meals from the Market: Simply Salmon

If you’re still pursuing that New Year’s resolution to lose weight and/or eat healthy, here’s a delightful and delicious meal that couldn’t be easier to make. Roasted Salmon and Cauliflower with Parsley-Caper Sauce recipe by [...]

  • fennel bulbs

Food Focus: Three for Thanksgiving

What is Thanksgiving after all, but a celebration of the harvest? Here are three celebratory side dishes that make us truly thankful for our amazing farmers at the Market. Multipurpose Shaved-Vegetable Salad recipe by Andy [...]

  • parsnips

Food Focus: Sensational Thanksgiving Sides!

Whether you’re a bona-fide turkophile, a vegetarian, or a contrarian, Thanksgiving is all about the sides! This is where seasonal local produce gets the chance to shine!  Sheet Pan Roasted Vegetables from Cooking Light Ingredients: [...]

  • blue cartons of sweet potatoes

Food Focus: Sold On Sweet Potatoes!

Sweet potatoes are one of those super foods you read about with lots of healthy nutrients packed into some oddly-shaped roots. Most of our grower-vendors have them and I’ve seen several different varieties while browsing the [...]

Food Focus: Bad-A## Brussels Sprouts!

The Brussels sprouts have arrived at the Market and savvy shoppers are snapping them up as fast as the vendors can put them out. They’re fresh, local, seasonal, and healthy! Like miniature cabbage cousins, these [...]

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