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What’s Cooking: Essence of Eggplant

Beautiful eggplant in various vibrant shades of purple and myriad shapes and sizes is all over the Market in August. Delicious in so many different cuisines -- creamy, meaty, eggplant is a culinary delight. Here [...]

Meals from the Market: Eggplant + Pasta

We love eggplant at my house -- and Italian food. This summer we’ve been marrying eggplant, sauce, and pasta to the delight of all concerned. Think of this trio of eggplant-cooking techniques, sauces, and pastas [...]

Food Focus: Easy Eggplant

Eggplant in all its many varieties is everywhere at the Market in August. Here is a recipe that’s as easy and quick to make as it is tasty to eat and lovely to look at! [...]

Food Focus: Earthy, Edible, Eggplant!

Eggplant is in season with multiple varieties available each week at the Market. Its versatility makes it a natural for vegetarian main dishes as well as super sides. At last week’s family dinner, we had [...]

Food Focus: Exemplary Eggplant!

Remember when eggplant was just that big dark purple bulbous thing that nobody knew what to do with? Those days are over -- now eggplant comes in dozens of different varieties and there are plenty [...]

Food Focus: Epicurious About Eggplant!

We've all heard about the health benefits of the "Mediterranean" diet. People in the areas bordering the Mediterranean Sea live longer and healthier due to some of the foods they tend to eat. One item [...]

Focus On: The Enigmatic Eggplant!

In France they call them aubergine. The word describes the vegetable and also the deep purple color. In recent years, many more varieties of eggplant have become common at the markets ranging from the size [...]

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