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Food Focus: Enjoying Eggs for Easter

If you’re weary of turning your hard-cooked eggs from Easter into deviled eggs or egg salad; how about a few fresh ideas for using perfectly cooked hard (or soft) yolked eggs for some holiday-worthy dishes [...]

Food Focus: Eating Easter Eggs

It may be the one time of the year that you have an overabundance of hard-cooked eggs and have to figure out how to use them. Deviled eggs is usually my go-to solution (and we [...]

Food Focus: For the Love of Eggs!

Mandy at Schacht Farm tells us that her hens are laying like crazy this spring. Eggs are plentiful at the Market from several vendors, and as always, farm fresh and free range! Time to get [...]

Food Focus: Eggs + Cheese = YUM!

Protein comes from many different sources, and if you’ve resolved to get more fit in 2016, you probably know that building muscle requires added protein intake. If you’re also a vegetarian or trying to cut [...]

Focus On: Farm Fresh Eggs (and Asparagus)

With farm fresh pasture raised eggs and fresh picked asparagus in abundance at the Market this time of the season, what could be more natural than pairing them up for some delicious and nutritious dishes? [...]

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Focus On: Naturally Colored Easter Eggs

With Easter coming very soon, you may have already colored your eggs, but if like me you leave it until the day before, here are some timely tips. Start by making perfect hard-cooked eggs; then [...]

Focus On: Perfect Hard-Cooked Eggs

As we gear up for Independence Day, many of us will include eggs on the menu. Whether deviled or in a salad, the path to the perfect hard-cooked egg is fraught with uncertainty. Chef Sam [...]

BRFM This Saturday April 10

PART-TIME VENDORS It's Week 2 of April, so in addition to our regular full-time vendors, we have kuacha & me(h), Home Ec Preserves, Red Frazier Bison, Maplewood Farms, Soupremacy, Say It Ain't Salsa and Positive [...]

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