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What’s Cooking: Baked Tomato Time

As the weather turns a little cooler in the fall, it’s a great time to take advantage of the continuing tomato harvest for some delicious baked tomato dishes. Pair with steamed green beans or sauteed [...]

What’s Cooking: Summery Sauce

Zucchini is a quintessential summer veggie. Pair it with pasta in this easy and delicious sauce, and you’ve got the perfect dish for dining alfresco - Italian-style. Serve with a tossed green salad and a [...]

What’s Cooking: It’s Tomato Time

The tomatoes are ripe and ready now for use in a myriad of delicious summer dishes. But what about the rest of the year. This winter when you’re craving tasty Indiana tomatoes for soups stews [...]

Food Focus: Jammin’ — With Tomatoes

September is prime time for preserving summer’s bounty. I’ve never been ambitious enough to try canning, but this simple little recipe for an intensely tomato-ey jam is an easy way to keep a taste of [...]

Food Focus: Tomato Treat

There is something about the soil and the summer climate in Indiana that produces the most incredible tomatoes. Vine-ripe and freshly picked slicers and heirlooms are abundant now, so what better time to use them [...]

Food Focus: Tomato Talk!

There is nothing like fresh tomatoes in season, especially in Indiana. My philosophy is that one should eat them as often and in as large a quantity as possible while you can. And with that [...]

Food Focus: Awesome Sauce!

Across the country people will be grilling out this Sunday for Father’s Day. No matter what you are grilling, from steaks and burgers to fish and veggies, you can jazz it up with a great [...]

Food Focus: Fresh Market Finds!

Taking a turn through the Market at this time of the season, especially this year with the long winter finally behind us, it is interesting to see what is available before the tomatoes and strawberries, [...]

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