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What’s Cooking: Plentiful Peppers

You may have noticed an abundance of peppers, both hot and sweet, at the Market. Stock up on them now and you’ll have ways to add sunshine to your meals all winter long. Freeze them, dry [...]

Food Focus: Beautiful Bell Peppers!

Have you noticed all of the beautiful bell peppers at the Market? They come in so many different gorgeous colors! And they make an amazing addition to your menu too! In this recipe from our [...]

Food Focus: Radical Radish Recipes!

Well, maybe they aren't really radical, but I did try to find some out of the ordinary recipes for using the radishes that are so abundant right now at the Market. I think the crisp [...]

Food Focus: A Plethora of Peppers!

As I heard someone say at the Market last week, "peppers are popping up everywhere!" Whether you like them hot or sweet; paired with other summer fare or all by themselves; steamed, grilled, sauteed, or [...]

Focus On: Superb Stuffed Peppers

This is a great time of year to cook with peppers. My family loves my stuffed peppers and asks for them quite often. I take lots of liberty with the basic recipe, switching out ingredients [...]

BRFM This Saturday, September 9

VENDOR NEWS: September 9th - Second Saturday in September VENDOR UPDATES School may have started and summer vacations are over, but the Summer Market is still going strong with plenty of fresh local produce every Saturday [...]

BRFM This Saturday, July 29

VENDOR NEWS:   July 29 - Fifth Saturday in July The following part-time vendors will join us off-schedule on this 5th week of the month. Their map locations are indicated along with where you would normally find [...]

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