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Meals from the Market: The Sweet Potato Life

Sweet potatoes are known as a super-food for their beta carotene (antioxidant), vitamin C, potassium, and high fiber. Here are a couple of simple easy ways to enjoy them. Roasted Hasselback Sweet Potatoes recipe by [...]

  • blue cartons of sweet potatoes

Food Focus: Sold On Sweet Potatoes!

Sweet potatoes are one of those super foods you read about with lots of healthy nutrients packed into some oddly-shaped roots. Most of our grower-vendors have them and I’ve seen several different varieties while browsing the [...]

The Very Versatile Potato!

Potatoes are a great staple any time of the year and especially now, before the harbingers of spring (like ramps and morels) make their appearance. They're the new-world alternative to rice and pasta, but they [...]

  • bushel of sweet potatoes

Food Focus: Sweet Potato Solutions!

Someone asked us at the information booth last Saturday, "What can you do with one of those (huge sweet potatoes at Azalia Farm Market)?" Our answer -- "Plenty!" A giant sweet potato can make a [...]

Food Focus: The Sweet (Pepper) Life!

There are more varieties of peppers each Saturday at the Market, and with the many types of hot spicy peppers available, the sweet peppers can get overlooked. But no more — I’m here to supply [...]

  • basket of sweet potatoes in fron of baskets of other produce

Food Focus: Superfood — Sweet Potatoes!

According to the many sources, including the South Beach Diet, "sweet potatoes are a major player in the world of superfoods. An outstanding source of carotenoids (including beta-carotene), as well as vitamin C, calcium, and [...]

  • pile of sweet potatoes

Food Focus: Louisiana Lagniappe!

On my recent trip to Louisiana, I discovered a world of wonderful food. There is a word, "lagniappe" that is used in southern Louisiana and means an extra or unexpected gift or benefit. One of [...]

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