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What’s Cooking: Baked Tomato Time

As the weather turns a little cooler in the fall, it’s a great time to take advantage of the continuing tomato harvest for some delicious baked tomato dishes. Pair with steamed green beans or sauteed [...]

Food Focus: Tomato Treat

There is something about the soil and the summer climate in Indiana that produces the most incredible tomatoes. Vine-ripe and freshly picked slicers and heirlooms are abundant now, so what better time to use them [...]

Food Focus: Tomato Talk!

There is nothing like fresh tomatoes in season, especially in Indiana. My philosophy is that one should eat them as often and in as large a quantity as possible while you can. And with that [...]

Food Focus: Totally Tomatoes!

There have been tomatoes at the Market since the very first week. But now at the height of summer they are not grown in a greenhouse or hoop house, but planted firmly in Hoosier soil [...]

Food Focus: Heirloom Tomato Treasures!

Heirloom tomatoes are not only interesting to look at, they also have great unique flavor and texture. The best way to make good use of these Market treasures is in recipes that do little to [...]

Focus On: Talk About Tomatoes

When I think of summer, I think of tomato sandwiches. Give me a juicy, ripe, flavorful, Indiana-grown tomato, warm from the garden (or the Market), easily peeled, cut in thick slices, with a little salt, a [...]

BRFM This Saturday, October 8

OCTOBER HOURS: 9 AM – NOON Vendor Highlights for October 8, Week #2 Featured this week: Plenty of APPLES, tomatoes, beans, peppers, winter squash, greens, onions, and more. Plus - mums & pumpkins! Ginger mulled [...]

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