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Food Focus: Vegetarian Valentine

Dinner at home can be cozy and romantic; and preparing a vegetarian comfort food shows how much you care. Plus, this dish is so pretty and impressive that you'll earn extra style points with your [...]

BRFM Winter Market Saturday February 11

Vendor Highlights for February 11, Week 2 Valentine's Day Specials and Preorders NEW! BRICS has a new Valentine's flavor this week - Pink Cinnamon. Tastes like cinnamon toast crunch!! NEW! Pots & Pans will have four pack [...]

BRFM Winter Market Saturday Feb. 4

Vendor Highlights for February 4, Week 1 Valentine's Day Specials and Preorders Chocolate Pasta Roses make for special Valentine desserts! Made with chocolate pasta and sweet cheese filling, these roses cook like other filled pastas but are eaten at RT or [...]

What’s Cooking: Love is in the Air

Author: Jinny Sauer Bastianelli With Valentine’s Day coming up, here is a recipe using pork tenderloin (which is always tender and pretty much foolproof to cook), done in a way that is both easy and [...]

BRFM Winter Market Saturday January 28

Vendor Highlights for January 28, Week 4 Valentine's Day Specials Filigree Bakery is gearing up for Valentine's Day with her Boozy Macaron samplers (champagne, peach Bellini, blood orange mimosa, whiskey dark chocolate) introduced at BRFM on [...]

BRFM Winter Market February 12

BRFM Winter Vendor Highlights for this Week Special Guest, the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired is back again this week with their Plant Sale! All proceeds support the Horticultural Program at ISBVI. Sugar [...]

What’s Cooking: Sensuous Seafood Soup

I can’t think of anything more elegant or romantic than a true bisque of delicate seafood. Served with a good crusty bread and a fresh green salad, it’s a classic intimate dinner for two that [...]

What’s Cooking: Brilliant Bread Pudding

I’ve always thought traditional New Orleans bread pudding is a brilliant way to use simple ingredients of stale or "day-old" bread and other bits of leftover food you have around to make something that comes [...]

  • Cortland Apples

Food Focus: Vegan Sweet Treats

With Valentine's Day approaching, our thoughts turn to sweet treats. Vegan desserts have been gaining attention in recent years and will continue to grow in popularity in 2018. After all, why should going vegan keep [...]

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