The BRVA serves as the area’s resident association, merchant association, community development corporation and office of tourism.


We provide a voice for the stakeholders of Broad Ripple, representing businesses and residents to collaboratively push projects that make a positive impact on our community.

Current Goals:
  • Continue to work with DPW on the repaving projects slated for the year
  • Complete annual infrastructure assessment and advocate for city to address priority issues
  • Continue to work collaboratively with IMPD to ensure Broad Ripple remains a safe place to visit, work and live. We regularly work with IMPD North District Commander on issues such as panhandling, vagrancy, opioid addiction, theft, and violence.
  • Continue advocacy for the completion of the flood wall and the designation of the North Indianapolis Flood Improvement District. 
  • Work with bar and restaurant owners to ensure that nightlife is not disruptive to a family-friendly, clean, safe Broad Ripple.
  • Work with IPS on a resolution to the Broad Ripple High School building and parcel.
  • Work with the City and DPW with the redesign of Broad Ripple Avenue and building of the RiverWalk, scheduled for 2022.

Economic Development

We are creating a Cultural District that is economically vibrant. We advocate for a diverse mix of businesses to keep Broad Ripple self-contained and livable for all.

Current Goals:

  • Support businesses by telling their story and connecting them to resources and opportunities to collaborate.

  • Support our important cultural anchors.

  • Proactively recruit unique local, small, and independent businesses that fill retail and service gaps.

  • Add cultural attractions to our community.

Recent & Planned Developments
Recently Opened
  • Monon Place Apartments, 5934 Carvel Avenue, added 136 apartments 2014, 99% occupied as of 2019
  • The Coil, 6349 College Avenue, 151 apartments, 2017, 92% occupied as of 2/2021
  • Park 66 Flats, 66th and Ferguson, 108 apartments, 2017, 92.6% occupied as of 2/2021
  • The WIN, 6159 N. Winthrop, 24 apartments, 2017
  • River House, 6311 E. Westfield Boulevard, 86 apartments, 2018, 90% occupied as of 2/2021
  • The Ripple, 1430 Broad Ripple Avenue, 36 apartments, 2019
  • The MK, 5858 N. College Avenue, 100 apartments, 2019
  • The Line, 6364 E. Westfield Boulevard, 130 apartments, 2020, 31% occupied as of 3/2021
  • G-BLOC, 841 E. 64th Street, 8 apartments, 2021
  • 8 Eleven, 62nd & College Avenue, 36 apartments, 2022
  • Keystone/BR Parking Garage, 6280 N. College Avenue, 89 apartments, 2022


We are creating a unique place by enhancing the physical appearance of the Village. We do this through our Land Use & Design Committee (LUD), as well as working closely with our local elected officials and City agencies.

Current Goals:
  • Advance the redesign of Broad Ripple Avenue to a “Georgia Street” concept with wider sidewalks, decorative lighting, street trees, the ability to close vehicular traffic for large events, and more. 

  • Advance the Riverwalk Promenade project.

  • Form a group to oversee sustainability efforts.

  • Implement the guidelines in the (Envision) Broad Ripple Plan

  • Follow up on developer commitments.

  • Develop signage guideline overlay specific to Broad Ripple.

  • Update our way-finding maps.

  • Continue to add murals around Broad Ripple.


We are raising the profile of Broad Ripple by marketing the Cultural District’s unique assets to customers, potential investors, businesses, local citizens and visitors.

Current Goals:
  • Implement an annual communication plan that highlights the Village’s unique assets to residents and visitors

  • Produce a visitor’s guide and map.

  • Coordinate events that attract visitors and tell the Broad Ripple’s story.

  • Facilitate Village-wide participation in Small Business Saturday.

  • Manage a cooperative advertising program.

  • Manage merchandising program.

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