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Food Focus: Soup With Mushrooms

Two hot food trends for 2018 are soup-ing (over juicing, although I say “why not do both?”); and mushrooms. The fabulous fungi will be popping up in many trendy recipes this year, but they have [...]

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Food Focus: Fuel for the Holidays

Post-Thanksgiving, I find myself thinking about the holiday season and the cold winter months, and that leads to planning for pots of soup. What better fuel for getting through the hectic holidays and keeping cold [...]

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Food Focus: Three for Thanksgiving

What is Thanksgiving after all, but a celebration of the harvest? Here are three celebratory side dishes that make us truly thankful for our amazing farmers at the Market. Multipurpose Shaved-Vegetable Salad recipe by Andy [...]

Food Focus: Fall Fun with Foil Packets

Fall means tailgate parties, campfires, and cool-weather cookouts. Nothing could be quicker, easier, or more delicious for outdoor dining this time of year than foil packet suppers. One thing I love about these foil packet [...]

Food Focus: Talking Stock!

On the first day of the new year, my husband decided he wanted to make soup. That always engenders some lively discussion about the proper ingredients and methods for the best homemade broth. I am [...]

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Food Focus: Sensational Thanksgiving Sides!

Whether you’re a bona-fide turkophile, a vegetarian, or a contrarian, Thanksgiving is all about the sides! This is where seasonal local produce gets the chance to shine!  Sheet Pan Roasted Vegetables from Cooking Light Ingredients: [...]

Food Focus: Great Green Beans!

Green beans are one of my favorite easy vegetable side dishes. Steamed, they are quick and easy with just a bit of butter, lemon, or garlic. And teamed up with sweet corn and sliced tomatoes, [...]

Food Focus: Partial to Peaches!

Smelling the fragrance of ripe peaches at the Market last week made me nostalgic. And with the nation’s birthday coming up, I decided to go “old-school” for this week’s recipes and channel my great-grandmother who [...]

Food Focus: Holy Aioli!

This past weekend, I discovered my new favorite thing – Aioli! Who knew this amazing little concoction was so easy to make and so delightfully delicious! I ladled it over cold steamed asparagus for Sunday [...]

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