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  • basket of winter squashes with sign

Meals from the Market: Chili Weather

This is the perfect time of year for a nice pot of veggie-filled chili to warm you up when you’re tailgating, sitting around a campfire, or even coming in from outdoor activities.  And you can [...]

  • pile of delicata squash

Food Focus: A Very Veggie Thanksgiving

More and more of us are going to meatless Mondays and vegetarian every days, but what on earth can you do when “Turkey Day” rolls around? The answer is, “get creative”. With so much beautiful [...]

Food Focus: Fall Fun with Foil Packets

Fall means tailgate parties, campfires, and cool-weather cookouts. Nothing could be quicker, easier, or more delicious for outdoor dining this time of year than foil packet suppers. One thing I love about these foil packet [...]

Food Focus: Turkey’s Best Buds!

If you haven’t started planning the Thanksgiving feast, now is the time! Just two more Markets before the big day, so you need to make your shopping list! You've probably ordered your turkey from Schacht [...]

Food Focus: Meaty Issues!

We know that fruits and vegetables are healthy and most of us don’t eat enough of them. But not everyone is prepared to adopt a vegetarian diet. So what’s a conscientious carnivore to do? Mark [...]

  • rutabagas

Focus On: Holiday Meals from the Market!

With a beautiful cut of meat, some delicious winter vegetables, crisp salad, and a fantastic dessert, you can serve up a special holiday meal and still stay seasonal, local, organic, and humane! Healthy appetizers and [...]

Focus On: Rewarding Root Vegetables!

For nutrition, longevity, and plain old savory goodness, nothing beats root vegetables. They sustained our pioneer ancestors over the long winters and stretch a bit of tasty meat to make hearty, delicious, soul-warming meals for [...]

Focus On: Freezing Fresh Produce!

Corn season is winding down. There are still plenty of tomatoes, but with pumpkins and winter squash coming on, one wonders how many more weeks of summer produce we can have. My great grandma canned [...]

  • array of pie pumpkins

Focus On: Cooking with Pumpkins

When you pick up a pumpkin for Halloween, pick up another to cook. Make sure to choose a variety that is intended for cooking, rather than for decoration. Field pumpkins -- commonly used to carve [...]

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