Broad Ripple has Multiple Parking Options for You!

Let us help you find parking in Broad Ripple.  There are several public parking lots available; although some may be restricted to parking for attached businesses.  The largest is the public parking garage at the corner of College and Westfield at 6280 N. College Avenue.  There is also ample street parking located throughout the Village.

Parking Lots in Broad Ripple
  • 6280 N. College Ave
  • 6250 Carrolton Ave
  • 724 Broad Ripple Ave
  • 1036 Broad Ripple Ave
  • 1075 Broad Ripple Ave
  • 924 E Westfield Blvd
  • 6311 Westfield Blvd

Note: Many of these lots are restricted for parking at the attached businesses.

Parking Alternatives

There are always alternatives to driving these days!  Try taking the Red Line Indy Go Bus which drops you at the corner of College of Broad Ripple Avenue.  The Red Line runs north and south on College Avenue.

These days Uber and Lyft are handy solutions to travel to Broad Ripple.  Especially if you plan to stop at one of the popular nightlife destinations.

Parking Contacts

Public Garage, 6280 N. College: Denison Parking 317.225.1950

Parking Meters, Park Indy 317.524.2247

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