Thank you for your interest in becoming a BRFM vendor. BRFM is pleased to be able to serve the greater Broad Ripple community by offering a local, outdoor marketplace for regional produce and animal farmers, bread and pastry artisans, plant and flower growers, cheesemakers, and specialty food producers. Every vendor is carefully screened to be sure that BRFM represents the highest quality locally-produced products available.

What products do we accept at BRFM?

BRFM is a food-focused Market. We do not offer vendor booth space for crafts, artwork, or lotions/soaps. Similarly, we do not offer booth space for not-for-profit organizations seeking to promote their organizations.

What is the timing for accepting new vendors to BRFM?

Generally, all decisions about new vendors are made by February of the Market Year – the Market year is from May through November. New vendors interested in participating are encouraged to submit their applications by November of the year prior to the Market Year (e.g., November 2012 for the 2013 Market).

What licenses, insurance requirements, and fees are required of participating vendors?

All vendors selling food/food-related products must be licensed with the Marion County Health Department. All vendors must carry general liability insurance that specifically names the Broad Ripple Farmers Market as a covered entity. The annual fee for participating in the Market from May through November is $150.

What criteria are used in selecting new vendors?

Produce and meat/poultry products

  • All produce and meat/poultry products must be grown/raised in Indiana. Priority is given to farmers over food artisans, bakery and ready to eat food items.
  • Priority is given to produce and meat/poultry products grown/raised by the vendor.
  • Priority is given to produce and meat/poultry products grown/raised using environmentally responsible, sustainable and humane methods.
  • Priority is given to products that are unusual, unique or not adequately represented at the Market.

Food artisans, bakery and ready to eat food items

  • Food artisan, bakery and ready to each food items must be made by the vendor.
  • Priority is given to products that are unique and handmade of the highest quality.
  • Priority is given to product made from locally grown, sustainably produced products.


My business has liability insurance.My business has a health department license.I agree to allow BRFM staff the chance to see and taste (if applicable) my product before my application is approved.I agree to put BRFM staff in touch with someone who has purchased, tasted, tried or used my product.I am currently selling my goods at another Indiana Farmers Market.This is my first year selling at a Farmers Market