The following table lists our vendors and you may click on “info” for more detailed information about each vendor. Vendors currently at the market are shown in bold. The third column contains a link for preordering if available, and the fourth column describes their products. The last column indicates their schedule at the market.

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Vendor Name Info Preorder Products When
317 Juicery Info No Preorder Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juices Every Saturday
Apricot Sun Info Preorder Mediterranean Zaatar Herb & Spice Blend, & Healthy Dips 1st & 3rd Saturday
Batch No. 2 Info No Preorder Mustards, Ketchups, Hot Sauces, & Spices 1st & 3rd Saturday
Caprini Creamery Info No Preorder Assorted Fresh & Aged Goat Cheeses Out for season
Circle Bev Info Preorder Canned Kombucha & Sparkling Protein Drink Every Saturday
Circle City Smoke Info No Preorder Smoked Sea Salts & Peppers Every Saturday
Corea Kimchi Info No Preorder Kimchi 1st & 3rd Saturday
Daisy Cakes Info No Preorder Baked Goods, Cookies, Cakes & Jams 1st & 3rd Saturday
Eagle Creek Apiary Info Preorder Raw Honey, Pollen & Bee Products Every Saturday
Eat Surreal Info Preorder Plant-Based Spreads & Salads Every Saturday
Freedom Valley Farm Info Preorder Fresh Vegetables, Microgreens, Mushrooms Out for season
Full Hand Farm Info Preorder Fresh Vegetables, Herbs, Microgreens Out for Season
Green Growers Info Preorder Elderberry Syrup 3rd Saturday
Groomsville Popcorn Info No Preorder Popped Popcorn & Kernels for Popping Every Saturday
Harvest Moon Flower Farm Info No Preorder Fresh Cut Flowers Every Saturday
Hidden Pond Farm Info No Preorder Fermented Foods, Beverages, Tonics 1st & 3rd Saturday
Home Ec Preserves Info No Preorder Fruit Preserves & Pickled Vegetables 2nd & 4th Saturday
Hubbard & Cravens Info No Preorder Coffee and Tea, Bottled Cold Brew & Iced Teas Every Saturday
Jason Michael Thomas Info Preorder Bread, Foraged Dried Greens, Herbs Every Saturday
Johnnie Raber Family Farm Info No Preorder Greens, Carrots, Beets, Potatoes & Tomatoes Every Saturday
kuacha & me(h) Info Preorder Austrian Home Made Pastries 2nd & 4th Saturday
Maplewood Farms Info No Preorder Maple Syrup 2nd & 4th Saturday
Native Bread Info Preorder Assorted Varieties of Gluten-Free Breads Every Saturday
Old Major Market Info Preorder Bacon & Sausage Every Saturday
Phelps Family Farm Info Preorder Frozen Beef, Pork, & Poultry, Eggs Every Saturday
Positive Foodie Vibes Info No Preorder Seasonal Drinks, Seasonings, Sauces & More 1st & 2nd Saturday
Pots & Pans Info No Preorder Sweet Fresh Baked & Frozen Savory Pies Every Saturday
Red Frazier Bison Info No Preorder Bison Meat Products 2nd & 4th Saturday
Russell Sheep Company Info Preorder Lamb Meat Products 1st & 3rd Saturday
Schacht Farm Info No Preorder Frozen Beef, Pork & Chicken, Eggs Every Saturday
Say It Ain’t Salsa Info No Preorder Handmade, Wholesome Salsa 2nd & 4th Saturday
Simple Taste Info No Preorder Gluten-Free Pastries, Breads, Pastas Every Saturday
Small Batch Soups Info No Preorder Soups 2nd & 4th Saturday
Sugar Bar Info No Preorder Decorated Sugar Cookies Varies
Tallow Info Preorder Skin/Lip Ointments with Essential Oils Every Saturday
That Pickle Guy Info Preorder Pickles, Vegetable Blends, & Olive Muffalata Every Saturday
Trailhead Naturals Info Preorder Raw Trail Mixes, Gluten-Free Superfoods Every Saturday
Tulip Tree Creamery Info No Preorder Assorted Cow’s Milk Cheeses Every Saturday
Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood Info Preorder Frozen Wild-Caught Salmon & Seafood 4th Saturday
Xchocol’Art Gourmet Chocolate Info No Preorder Artisanal Chocolate Treats Every Saturday
Our Local Promise To You

All items sold by vendors at the Broad Ripple Farmers Market are grown, raised or produced in Indiana.  Exceptions exist for items not available in Indiana such as salmon or lobster.

  • All produce, meat, and poultry is raised by the Farmer present at the Market. (A few exceptions may be approved by the Market). We prioritize products which are grown or raised using environmentally responsible, sustainable, and humane methods.
  • For artisanal and ready to eat foods, we select vendors who utilize local ingredients. Products may be made by the vendor in a certified kitchen or in a home-based kitchen that meets the risk and labeling requirements of the Marion County Public Health Department.
  • All of our Farmers use organic (chemical-free) growing practices.