Broad Ripple Avenue

The Department of Public Works (DPW) hosted a public meeting last Wednesday where they shared the first draft of plans to redesign Broad Ripple Avenue next year.

The project is driven by the need to improve the sewers and stormwater capacity, but since the street will need to be torn up, it allows for a chance to redesign the Avenue. Proposed improvements included wider sidewalks, new street lights, festival lighting (string lights) and of course improvements in the stormwater capacity.

The DPW presentation may be found online here. They also provided an animated video tour which may be found on their website along with other information here.

The BRVA has reviewed the plans, reviewed social media comments on the plan and comments received directly from area residents, and will be making the following recommendations to DPW:

  • Add a raised pedestrian crosswalk at Carrollton where it crosses the Avenue similar to what is being done at the Monon Trail.  This will improve safety and serve to calm traffic.
  • Widen the northside sidewalk between Guilford and College.  (The other sidewalks are being widened, yet this one remains the same.)
  • Take this opportunity to bury electrical/utility lines and remove utility poles on the Avenue.  We recognize this is mostly AES work.
  • Review if the crosswalk markings can be improved since the current stamped versions wear out in about a year.  The newer version at the Monon Trail seems to be a heavier material.
  • Add many more trees and plantings wherever possible along the Avenue. Review if any additional medians/bump-outs may be added.
  • Clarify the number of parking meters being moved and reinstalled.  While we are obligated to move the meters displaced off the Avenue, we do not want any additional meters added to Broad Ripple as we are the only area outside of downtown with parking meters.

DPW is accepting public input only though this Friday, September 17.  Please review the plans and send your comments and suggestions to:


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