1. Call to order and explanation of LU&DC’s position on requests      (6:00 p.m.) II. Introductions of committee members and guests (6:00-6:05) III. Petitioner Presentations
  2. 6142 Broadway, Jeff Eshowsky with American Construction Company regarding the removal of the present garage at this location and replacing it with a carriage house, on the same footprint, with a bathroom and kitchenette on the second level.     (6:05-6:25)
  3. 1428 & 1430 Broad Ripple Avenue, Joe Zinkan, Developer,   David  Toth, Architect, Shuan Langhorne, General Contractor                for an update on the changes to the elevations for this development.    (6:25-6:45)
  4. Committee Discussion/Information                                                 (6:45-7:00)
  5. Adjournment of portion of the open meeting and confirmation of next meeting.   Tuesday, April 24, 2018     6:00 P.M. Closed LUD Meeting