(NOTE: Thankfully, no one has been harmed.) There have been three robberies on Broad Ripple Avenue recently. Based on the information available and our conversations with each business owner involved, we believe these crimes to have been committed by the same male perpetrator.


The incidents that have occurred are listed here:

Saturday 2:30pm Teeki Hut

Tuesday 5:45pm Three Dog Bakery

Wednesday 7:30pm The Shop

We are working very closely with IMPD and we have full confidence that these crimes will be solved soon. We are working with our merchants to review all available camera footage  in full cooperation with these investigations. Please stay vigilant! If something doesn’t look or feel right, call 911. These investigations are ongoing, please stay tuned for any updates.

This link will take you to the post from The Shop that shows video footage of the perpetrator: https://www.instagram.com/p/BrB3r4IhmRy/