We are happy to welcome our dog friends at the Market!  

Please keep the following rules in mind when bringing your canine companion(s) to the Market.

Broad Ripple Farmers Market Rules for Dogs and Dog Owners:

Special plea for 2024: Please don’t allow your dogs to pee on the traffic cones, chains, and signs. Our volunteers have to collect and store these items at the end of the Market and it’s not fair for them to have to handle wet, drippy cones. What we observe is that customers may not realize what is happening because their dog is walking behind them. So please take extra care when walking your dog past the safety cones. Thank you!!

  • Dog visitors must be friendly to other dogs and to children. (Dogs that become aggressive with children (any persons) or other dogs, need to be walked calmly away from the Market immediately. It is important that none of our visitors be put at risk.)
  • Dog visitors must be kept on a short lead and remain by their owner’s side. (Keeping dogs on a short lead will help keep them under their owner’s control and watchful eye. But more importantly, long leads are safety hazards for all customers.)
  • Dog visitors must not put their paws on vendor tables, or run under or behind vendor tables.
  • Dog visitors must not sniff or lick displayed produce, plants, or food.
  • Dog visitors must not urinate on plants, flowers, table or tent legs, displays, cones, signs, or any objects on the Market property.
  • Dog owners should come prepared to clean up after an “accident,” and to dispose of waste in appropriate receptacles or take it with them when they leave.

And finally, please do not leave dogs shut in hot cars while you shop at the Market, even if you think it is not that hot or you won’t be at the Market very long. Our customers and our volunteers become very concerned and report these cases. Better to err on the side of caution. Thank you!


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